Trump’s attack on former COVID adviser contains 1 bizarre detail News-thread


Birx has previously spoken about his time in the Trump administration, describing how she “always” considered giving up in a role where her colleagues saw her becoming “political” under the former president.

Trump, who has claimed that he fired Birx despite her resignation in the wake of a Thanksgiving gathering in 2020, said that “firing” the former adviser was one of his greatest privileges before sending her a sweet message.

“I remember so well when she was lecturing Americans not to leave their homes for Thanksgiving, and then she traveled hundreds of miles to visit her family who, unbelievably, turned her in to the police. The only one who thought highly of her was herself!

Trump’s post also linked to an article by the conservative RedState blog that claimed she lied “outright” about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Trump’s post comes after Birx accused his administration of offering “continuous communication of minimizing the severity of this pandemic” leading to early action to deal with the pandemic and a false sense of security.


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