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The candidates selected by Peter Thiel are a train wreck

Thiel will undoubtedly continue to build his ideological project and pursue his political interests: protecting the plutocratic class from all incursions, promoting hostility towards China, degrading international institutions, and weakening the social welfare state. He has come up with a formula familiar to many Republicans: aggressively push culture war issues like red meat, like immigration, while quietly undermining democracy and transferring wealth to the wealthiest Americans. Thiel still hasn’t got the formula right: His candidates are pushing such extreme ideas on all fronts that voters back off. (Again, it doesn’t help that both Masters and Vance have distinct vampiric qualities in common with Thiel.)

Some of Trump’s selected candidates — like Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania — are reeling for similar reasons: The TV doctor seems confused by the basic facts of life and seems to know next to nothing about the state he’s ostensibly running for. represent in the US Senate. But others are dithering simply because Trump’s only criteria for an endorsement is loyalty: Herschel Walker, who is running for Senate in Georgia, is rarely consistent on any issue, but he knows how to kiss the ring

Confidence in this batch of crackpot candidates pushed by Trump and Thiel has seriously diminished the GOP’s chances of retaking the Senate, and may even result in the Democrats expanding their control in the chamber, an impressive feat given the lagging popularity of Joe Biden and the realities of the midterm. elections To be fair to these two would-be kingpins, just about everyone in the GOP is screwing up right now: Florida Sen. Rick Scott, chairman of the National Republican Senators Committee, has wasted tens of millions raised from donors. This has been the cause of much whispering among Republicans behind the scenes. A more immediate problem is that Vance and Masters are now scrambling for cash, and Thiel, perhaps acknowledging a bad investment, is suddenly refusing to provide it.


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