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The best iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro cases

Whether you were lucky enough to get an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro on launch day or are waiting for your order to ship, it’s always a good idea to add a case to your shiny new device that will not only help protect it but they also allow you to customize the look.

There’s no shortage of iPhone 14 launch-ready cases, and we’ve been scouring the internet (and press releases) to find the best cases to help you protect Apple’s newest iPhone. Below, you’ll find cases that range from minimal to rugged, with a few options in between.

Putting a case on a device that looks great on its own is already a tough decision, not to mention the bulk a case can add to the iPhone. However, with minimal design cases, you can get a layer of protection without adding too much weight or changing the design entirely.

Totallee cases are incredibly thin and light, adding just a fraction of a millimeter thick to the iPhone 14. And if you want to keep the overall look of your phone visible, there’s a clear option made from a grippy material that makes it easy to hold your phone and let it sit. let that sweet new purple shine.

Nomad Goods Sports Case

The Nomad Goods Sport Case provides 6-foot drop protection in a sleek design for the iPhone 14 lineup. Complete with metal buttons, a soft interior, and side grips, the Sport Case looks like a sturdier case but plays the role of a case. minimalist.

It’s true that the Gear4 Rio blurs the line between a minimal case and a more traditional case. It has a 13-foot drop protection rating and a soft-touch finish that’s comfortable in the hand. An inconvenience? It is only available in black.

More traditional and elegant iPhone 14 cases

For those who don’t mind a slightly larger case and prefer something more stylish, there are almost limitless options, spanning different prices, designs, and materials.

apple silicone case

Apple silicone cases are loved by many, and for good reason. Their smooth exterior is easy to grip, the color options look great, and they’re made from high-quality material. What more can you ask?

Speck Presidio2 Grip

The Presidio2 Grip comes in five different color schemes, with the main color being purple, and then hints of white and gray on the buttons, on the edges, and around the camera cutout. As its name suggests, the Presidio2 Grip is easy to hold and offers an extra layer of drop protection.

Otterbox+ Symmetry Series

OtterBox is best known for its rugged cases, but the case maker also has more traditional cases that still offer a decent amount of protection. That’s exactly what the Symmetry Series+ offers, in 10 different colors.

Do you want the best protection for your iPhone 14? That’s where rugged cases come in. These cases are designed to take a beating and keep your iPhone in pristine condition. You’ll pay a premium for rugged cases, but for those with an active lifestyle (or a workplace fraught with hazards), they’re worth it.

Otterbox Defender XT Series

The Defender Series XT is a two-piece case that not only wraps your phone’s exterior in a hard material, but also provides an extra layer of protection that covers all of your iPhone 14’s ports, keeping dust and debris out. of your reach. your port of loading.

UAG Monarch Series

The UAG Monarch series doesn’t mess around when it comes to layers of protection for your iPhone 14. There are a total of five layers of protection, including various types of metal on the outside of the case to absorb any damage, all while your iPhone stays cool. held firmly in place by a rubber insert. As well as offering a high level of protection, it also looks great.

Spigen Mag Armor (MagFit)

While not as big or bulky as some other rugged cases, Spigen’s Mag Armor Case offers additional protection with a rubberized back. That should translate to your iPhone staying in place when placed on a surface, and easily holding the phone without fear of it ever falling.

Cases that do more than just protect your phone are becoming more and more common. For example, a case with a built-in kickstand or one that doubles as a wallet are very real options, giving you ways to more easily participate in video calls or lighten up the amount of stuff you need to carry every day.

Nomad Goods Modern Leather Folio

Nomad Goods is known for its high-quality leather products, and the Modern Leather Folio is no exception. With room for three cards and another place to stash some cash, you can ditch your wallet in favor of this case and your iPhone 14 with ease. Color options include black or brown leather.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

If you want a case with a stand, Spigen has one for you. It’s a clear case with a flip-out kickstand that makes it easy to watch movies or FaceTime with friends and family hands-free.



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