Sweeney: AI business models shouldn’t use art without artists’ consent News-thread


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Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said he’d like to see the company balance protecting artwork and engaging creators with new technologies like image generators.

The comment comes from a recent interview with PC Gamer and months later from Epic-owned ArtStation, created a “noAI” tag prohibit artificial intelligence systems from using creative work on the platform.

“We support a lot of game developers. Some of them will use AI, some of them will hate AI, and we want to be a trusted neutral intermediary that doesn’t get in the way of industry development, but also doesn’t pull the plug and hoover everyone’s art data,” he said. Sweeney.

During curation, he also explained that AI systems should not take artists’ works without their consent if the intent is commercial use.

He added: “They’re scraping the web to find people’s artwork and then using it and not getting their explicit consent.”

“And a company shouldn’t do that sort of thing, right? Maybe that’s within the bounds of research, but when you’re selling a commercial product that’s used to generate commercial artwork, you shouldn’t be doing that.”


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