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Splatoon 3 gear and skills guide for beginners

In Splatoon 3, the team is everything. Whether you like a setting because it’s meta or you just like the way it looks, there are ways to beef it up to suit your playstyle.

For new players, upgrading gear can be overwhelming. our splatoon 3 The beginner’s guide will explain how to upgrade your equipment using chunks other Wall.

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How the team works Splatoon 3

The whole team has a Main skill slot and up to three subgrooves. The highest star power a piece of equipment has, the more subslots it has. Each star the team has after their second star will increase the amount of XP you get.

You can play games turf war either battle of anarchy to gain XP on your team, and doing so grants you new random abilities (if you have space) or Ability Chunks. You can use Ability Chunks to select which specific abilities you want to put on your team to avoid the random element.

Depending on the brand of equipment, specific abilities will appear more often and others will appear less frequently. We present them below.

Splatoon 3 Mark and Ability Preference

tentatekInk recovery upfast super jump
Force SquidIncreased ink resistanceInk saver (main)
splash crowdInk saver (main)run accelerate
Tony KensaInk saver (main)sub on
AnakiInk Save (Sub)special saver
fire flapInk Save (Sub)Ink recovery up
Barazushistep up the actionsub on
Emberzstep up the actionspecial cargo
scallopquick comebackspecial saver
zincfast super jumpquick comeback
rockenburgrun accelerateswim speed up
Takorokaspecial cargospecial buff
forgespecial buffInk Save (Sub)
zecospecial saverspecial cargo
enperrysub onIncreased ink resistance
Inclinationunder resistance upstep up the action
krak inswim speed upunder resistance up

How to upgrade equipment and use Ability Chunks

Murch the sea urchin sitting just outside the lobby offers a variety of important services. It will remove all sub-skills from your gear and give you one skill chunk per skill for 20,000 gold. If you give her super sea snailsyou can also increase your team’s star power or completely change their skill subslots.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Notably, you can also use Ability Chunks to set specific abilities on your team. It costs 45 Ability Chunks to set up the primary ability and 10 Ability Chunks to set up the first secondary ability on a piece of gear. However, if you want to place multiple instances of the same skill on one piece of gear, the cost of the skill chunk will increase to 20 for two of the same skill and 30 for three. (For example, if you wanted three swim speed up abilities in my shoes, it would cost me a total of 60 Swim Speed ​​Up Ability Chunks).

You can also increase your star power if you buy duplicates of the same gear from regular stores. However, this gets expensive as each upgrade will cost more money. You can also reset skills on gear by swapping yours for the one from the shop, but you won’t get any skill shards from this.

Jellyfish in the t-shirt shop offers to upgrade the Airflow & Hustle Jacket for a lot of money

It costs 50,000 gold to add a third star to this jacket
Image: Nintendo via Polygon

How to farm skill shards quickly

There are two great ways to farm Ability Chunks: salmon run other splashes.

Using Salmon Run to farm chunks

Salmon Run will repeatedly reward you with random reward capsules and a specific piece of gear. (At the time of this writing, the gear in question is the Bream-Brim cap.) You can only have one copy of the team, so the other one will be discarded and you will get Ability Chunks for the abilities. Simply spamming Salmon Run and sharding your team is an easy way to rack up skill shards quickly.

Salmon Run’s bonus meter resets every 40 hours, so you’ll need to earn around 1,200 points before you start receiving only gear as a reward every time it resets.

The Salmon Run menu, showing a bonus meter where you get capsules and a Bream-Brim cap

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Using Splatfests to farm chunks

the splashed tea (which you can get a week before any Splatfest) has three secondary slots and scrubbing only costs 2000 gold. Playing normal matches with the Splatfest t-shirt equipped is cheap and quick Ability Chunks.

To take it one step further, if you have a skill drink for a skill you want chunks for, use it. (You can get skill drinks from hulling machine random.)

The goldfish staff member at the concession stand offers many different types of drinks with skills attached.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

If you use a skill drink, your team will roll that skill at a higher rate. Players using this strategy recommend cleaning his Splatfest shirt after he gets his first ability to minimize the use of the drink, since it’s only active for 20 matches.

What skills are the best in Splatoon 3?

There’s a pattern to which abilities people use the most, like Swim Speed ​​Up and Ink Saver, but the exact abilities you put on your team depends on your playstyle and weapon choice.

If you love running around and throwing bombs, it would probably be worth putting your team on Swim Speed ​​Up, Ink Saver (Sub), and Ink Recovery Up. If you love shooting your Tenta Missiles, maybe Special Power Up is your sub-ability of choice.


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