Sarah Michelle Gellar is back in her see-through dress era News-thread


Everywhere you look, actresses and stars are stepping out in see-through dresses. It was practically a nudist colony in the vanity fair After the Oscar party. Sarah Michelle Gellar has always embraced her role as America’s sweetheart with cute, girly, but not necessarily attractive. sexy looks… but her latest appearance on the red carpet manages to combine both styles perfectly.

At a West Hollywood screening of his Paramount Plus show pack of wolvesprevious buffy the vampire slayer The star rocked (had to, sorry) on the red carpet in a ruffled white lace minidress over black lingerie. Black eyeliner and black nails added a bit of flair, but the rest is classic SMG: tousled blonde hair, simple but stylish shoes, and a big smile. Seriously, how perfect is this?

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The mother-of-two was clearly feeling herself, as she should, posting a photo of the outfit on Instagram with a caption quoting Meghan Trainor’s latest worm: “I’m your mother, listen to me.”

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