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Its editorial (March 13) affirms that Pope Francis defends “the marginal, peripheral and excluded”. However, his church does not defend women, denying them equality and control of fertility and refusing their participation as priests. You say that the Pope emphasizes “mercy over judgment.” What is the sin here? Who are the sinners?
michele roberts

Even though Dave Young described the difference between a shovel and a spade (Letters, March 14), I’m confused. In Thursday’s crossword, a clue says: Dug by a shovel (6). The answer is Spaded. Dave, help us here, please.
peter stewart

I’m sure the young, young doctors I spoke to on the picket line this week who told me about their student loan debt and the number of hours they currently work for wages they struggle to manage will be delighted to know they can now bank up to £60,000 a year tax-free in their pension funds (Report, March 16).
Karen Barrett

Regarding Rod Riesco’s letter (March 14), I wonder if there are some disgruntled Le Monde readers eating a sandwich from a non-stop while waiting in the parking lot to leave for the weekend.
Steve’s Readings

Regarding the slogans on the old men’s T-shirts (Letters, March 9), I have one that says: “I’m starting to think I’ll never be old enough to know better.” I use it for raves.
andres duncan
Little Waltham, Essex

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