My verdict on the new Spotify? Time to switch to Apple Music News-thread


Spotify, it’s been fun, but it’s time to queue up that ‘sad indie’ playlist you’ve been craving for me to hear. I’m going to Apple Music.

I’ve been a Spotify Premium subscriber for over six years and have been with the service for a decade. But Spotify’s new redesign, which CEO Daniel Ek called “the biggest change to the platform since 2013,” is an experimental album that’s too far off for me.

The Spotify app’s redesigned home feed isn’t as bad as I feared. The TikTok-style vertical scrolling that confronts you when you tap ‘Music’ or ‘Podcasts & Shows’ has the slightly strained feel of a Coldplay stadium show. There are also hints of Instagram, Netflix and YouTube.

(Image credit: Spotify)

But this growing mess is only part of the reason I restarted my three-month free trial of Apple Music. Apart from the feeling that this is another instagram moment – when an app’s original purpose becomes the act of supporting eyeball monetization – the new Spotify is really an admission that its business model is broken.


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