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Impressions: Shovel Knight Dig is my new roguelite gaming addiction

Shovel Knight Dig and you will find an amazing treasure like this.”/>

Enlarge / dig deep enough Shovel Knight Excavationand you will find an amazing treasure like this.

Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight Excavation it has been on our radar since its announcement in 2019, when games could be immediately revealed and demoed at physical game expos. that many years ago, digital it was one of the few planned spin-offs of the series, and its demo on the PAX West show floor that year filled me with dungeon-dig excitement.

This week, the third formal spin-off in the series finally drops for PC, iOS, and Nintendo Switch, and we’ve got good news: digital is easily the best shovel knight sapling yet. Plus, it stands out compared to other action-focused arcade roguelites, and the result feels like a depth-packed mod for the mobile classic. well down.

A new randomly generated pit stop on the road.

A bunch of silly talk surrounds a massive new abyss in this sleepy town.
Enlarge / A bunch of silly talk surrounds a massive new abyss in this sleepy town.

Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight has reason to dig with his namesake weapon in search of treasure, secrets, and revenge. If you are interested in this story full of characters, digitalThe beautifully drawn and animated animal interactions are just as charming as the plot found in the main series’ four campaigns. Or you can mash buttons to skip the dialogue and get to the satisfying dig.

Control in this new 2D side-scroller also resembles the main series: use an action button to flick your paddle left or right (or down if you hold down the D-pad) while your hero he lands from jumps and falls with his shovel down, which not only damages vulnerable enemies, but also causes the Knight to bounce up off most things he comes into contact with, except for certain types of ground. Instead of running left or right towards a goal, Shovel Knight now digs down through randomly generated levels (with a few left and right exceptions, usually found in the game’s plethora of hidden challenges). ).

Thanks to so many roguelikes and action roguelites over the last 10 years, we’ve been down this randomly generated path before. However, the Nitrome development team (super leap day) quickly establishes your knowledge of how to pump variety and fun into randomly generated depths. One of his best differentiators is his application of gravity. While the popular game well down constantly drops players at high speeds and forces quick reactions, digital Frequently, he gives his Knight a chance to land, survey its immediate depths, and figure out what his pesky jumping ability will and won’t reach.

Each descent is divided into smaller stages, with each stage including a crucial treasure chest at the end. If you find all three golden gears in each stage, you can unlock the bonus item from this chest, which includes race-saving items like extra health and special abilities. (Like other roguelites, health can be low, and too much damage can mess up a run in an instant.) Get past these golden gears and future stages full of enemies become more difficult to survive. As you shovel through the destructible terrain and drop to lower platforms, each level’s golden gears, along with other helpful trucks, will appear around tricky, hard-to-reach corners. They will require you to selectively leave some terrain and enemies untouched to achieve a high enough bounce.


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