HIMSSCast: Telehealth is improving the care experience for cancer patients News-thread


Together, telehealth consultations and a variety of emerging digital health tools are helping to optimize access to care and improve the patient experience for oncology and other specialty care.

One place where that is proving true is The Clinic at Cleveland Clinic, that health system’s telemedicine joint venture with Amell.

Frank McGillin, CEO of The Clinic, spoke to Healthcare IT News about some of the cost savings, patient experience improvements and other efficiencies in care delivery happening there and elsewhere as automation, virtual second opinions and other innovations change the paradigm of cancer care.

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Talking Points:

  • What The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic offers patients

  • Pioneer in virtual care, how the Clinic’s services have evolved in recent years

  • The Clinic offers for oncology and other specialized care

  • The benefits made possible by increased use of telehealth and virtual care

  • How do AI and automation fit into the equation?

  • Lessons other health systems can learn from The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic in using connected health and other virtual care tools

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