Five people in their egg freezing experience News-thread


If I didn’t know that biology was not on my side, I would just continue with my life as it is, because I absolutely love what I have. But I also want to be a mother. Last year, I was in a relationship and I needed to have a plan B because I wasn’t looking to make it serious. That’s when I thought Okay, let me do it..

COVID made me hyper-focused on life, the whole process of life and death. During that time, while he processed what was happening around me, he just thought: Well, what legacy do I want to leave behind? What do I want to achieve with my life, but also in the future? And I realized that I do want to be a mother and that I wanted to be more serious and committed to that path.

But do I really, sincerely, sincerely, in the depths of my heart, want to make an active decision to be a single parent? Because I’ve seen it and it’s harsh, and I don’t want to step on something with a pink filter, tinted pink. You need community. You need a network around you. I certainly have that, but there was a tweet that really made me laugh out loud, which read, “Everyone wants a baby until you hold them at 3am and you both look into each other’s eyes crying.” There is a reality check of what is needed. And it’s not about strength. It’s about that robust community that you have around you. I want a partner in that. I want someone who is equally interested in having a family but also someone who is committed to me as well as our son.

[When I decided to go through with the process], I talked to a couple of friends who were going through IVF or freezing their eggs. I wanted to hear it from the people who were doing it in real time. I didn’t refer to the internet because there can be an emotional detachment when you’re reading information, especially when it comes to this kind of topic. I wanted to hear the theory about it, but I also wanted to hear [about] the emotional toll this would take. Then I started looking at different fertility clinics and then came the big challenge: finding a clinic that would accept insurance. then realizing, Oh, my health benefit doesn’t do shit.

[It] It is just as important that the clinic is as committed to your success as you are. The first clinic I went to, I never went back, because I felt like I was on a conveyor belt. I remember the doctor said: “Okay, let’s recover.” There were three eggs. And I said, “Well, shouldn’t we wait? It seems like such a low number.” No, we will. So he did the recovery and got one. [viable] egg. And I thought I just spent $14,000 on an egg. This egg is my only chance to become a mother. The second clinic I went to? phenomenal. I got eight eggs in two cycles.

I built it up in my head to be much more than what it turned out to be. I thought it would be this very long process of being at home and these needles and other things, but it’s six minutes of injections. That feels like a very short amount of time for what I paid. However, the way I see it is that the things that I am leaving behind or that have left my life, in this case money, [are] making room for the abundance that is to come.


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