Death toll from last month’s earthquake nears 48,000 in Turkiye, 6,000 in Syria News-thread


The director of Turkiye’s emergency and disaster management agency raised the country’s death toll from a 7.8-magnitude earthquake last month to 47,975.

Yunus Sezer said during a press conference on Saturday that among the people killed were 6,278 foreigners, with Syrian citizens accounting for the largest part.

The earthquake on February 6 affected 11 Turkish provinces and parts of neighboring Syria. The United Nations has estimated the death toll in Syria at 6,000.

The quake was followed by a magnitude 7.5 temblor 7.5 hours later, as well as thousands of aftershocks.

At least 230,000 buildings were destroyed or badly damaged in Turkiye. Experts have pointed to lax building code enforcement as one of the main reasons the quake was so deadly.

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