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Welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we go through the best community-created work from the past week. This time around we’ve got a full assortment of work to check out, as well as some fun Dan-inspired stuff to enjoy.

For those of you who have been reporting episodes of Game Mess Mornings not appearing on the site or even on your podcast, the problem must be solved. Similarly, some people see black screens when watching old premium videos! If this problem is affecting you, leave a comment in the bug thread about the problem and feel free to read and try some solutions. For example, try clicking the three buttons at the bottom of the player and go to GB Player.

Finally, thank you all for your patience while Jan was away with COVID. He is still recovering, but he was able to process and work on many of the video processing requests that many of you made last week. If you notice any videos that aren’t on the site yet, feel free to leave a comment here or on Discord.



Cooking Show Dan (By: @carlogocarlo)

Should Dan have a cooking show on the site? That has been at the center of many discussions in the Discord community, as well as on social media. On Twitter, carlogocarlo successfully tried to imagine, and might add, what would happen in the first episode of a cooking show directed by Dan.

Egg Dan emoticon (By: January)

Congratulations to Jan coming back from COVID to grace us with one of the funniest gestures in a long time! Dan may hate eggs, but this chat emote works on so many levels.

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Somerville is the fifth pick of the UUGPGC Year 2! Finish before March 13, 2023! Mark all spoilers! Everyone is welcome! +

UUGPGC Voting Thread for Cycle Starting March 13, 2023! Everyone is welcome. (By: @bigsocrates)

Do you agree or disagree with Somerville’s MIXED reputation?

Similarly, the community Game Pass Game Club is doing another vote for the next edition of the Game Pass Game Club! Click the link to vote for the games you’d like to play with the community!

The GB Album Club 026 – Sorceress by Opeth (Cycle Finale!) (By: @unclejam23)

The first cycle of the 2023 edition of the Community Album Club has come to an end! The theme this time is Sorceress by Opeth! If you want to talk about the tracks on this album or find out what the group’s plans are in the future, click the link!


Indie Game of the Week 310: FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch (By: @mento)

Does Blade Runner meet the furries?
Does Blade Runner meet the furries?

FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch is the subject of Mento’s latest “Indie Game of the Week” blog. Is there more to this metroidvania game than its rabbit protagonist wielding a large mechanical arm? Click the link below to find out!

What is the best video game? extreme exorcism (By: @imunbeatable80)

Have you ever heard of extreme exorcism? It’s the subject of imunbeatable80’s latest blog post “What’s the best video game” on Giant Bomb! Click the link above and find out if this paranormal platformer is worth your time!

All PS1 Games in Order: Part 021 (By: @borgmaster)

PurpleShyGuy continues to show off his Photoshop skills.
PurpleShyGuy continues to show off his Photoshop skills.

borgmaster has another fun PS1 retrospective blog on the site and this one discusses Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, Road & Track features The Need for Speed, Extreme Pinball and Resident Evil.

Reconnecting with Halo (By: @purpleshyguy)

Things haven’t been “very good” for the Halo franchise, but PurpleShyGuy talks about his recent attempt to reinvest in the series. Read why only Halo Infinite multiplayer has them at least partially on board for the future!

HuCARTography VI: Type R (By: @jeffrud)

Seriously though, I always had a hard time with the third boss of R-Type;  the military battlecruiser.
Seriously though, I always had a hard time with the third boss of R-Type; the military battlecruiser.

It’s time to talk about a gaming CLASSIC with JeffRud’s latest HuCARTography blog this time looking at the catalog of games on TurboGrafx-16 or PC Engine with an article on R-Type!

Move On Up: Possessions when unpacking (By: @gamer_152)

Witch Beam’s Unpacking seems to have a simple premise: you characterize a house through the belongings, but the number of places that premise manages to take is mind-boggling.

discussion threads

Suicide Squad delayed again (By: @av_gamer)

At this point, 2023 sounds generous.
At this point, 2023 sounds generous.

After a backlash to what was shown during Sony’s State of Play, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been delayed AGAIN! What do you think of the current state of the game? Is the new schedule feasible? Join the discussion in the forums.

Starfield gets a release date (September 6, 2023) (By: @allthedinos)

Starfield already has a release date! Based on what you’ve shown of the game so far, does September 6, 2023 sound realistic? Have you enjoyed what you’ve seen of the game so far?

RE4 Remake is about three weeks away (By: @atheistpreacher)

In typical Bethesda fashion, they announced a release date along with a delay.
In typical Bethesda fashion, they announced a release date along with a delay.

Resident Evil 4 will be out in about three weeks! CRAZY, RIGHT?! How many of you are excited to get your hands on it? What do you hope to see in it that hasn’t been shown yet?

Switch Lite in 2023: is it worth buying? (By: @isomeri)

The Switch Lite is constantly on sale, but is it a good value proposition right now? What are the pitfalls and benefits of jumping into the Switch ecosystem with the Lite model?

Daydream: Prologue Now Available (By: @keoskey)

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow recently got a demo/prologue that allows you to play the first act on Steam! Have any of you tried the prologue? If so, please join the community discussion about it and share if you’re excited to have it all in your hands.

What do you think about the current state of the video game industry? (As of March 5, 2023) (By: @gtxforza)

I tweeted this poll and was not banned from Twitter.  Color me surprised!
I tweeted this poll and was not banned from Twitter. Color me surprised!

There’s a lot going on in the games industry, so what’s your take on the direction the industry is heading right now? Are there games coming out that excite you? Thoughts on recent gaming events like the shutdown or layoffs at some studios or the big merger looming in the background?

Cities: Skylines II achievements drop early; Officially confirmed for 2023 on PC and consoles (By: @keoskey)

The PC and console versions of Cities: Skylines II are now officially confirmed for this year! Anyone excited to get their hands on this game? For those who played the original, what’s on your wish list?

Which new verb is better? (Description in the message) (By: @axl159)

I have nothing more to add than to recommend that you review the explanation of the poll on the right and vote according to your conscience. Good luck to you all.


Set The Legend of Zelder (By: @mento)

Get ready for a new list in which Mento is in top form!
Get ready for a new list in which Mento is in top form!

The video game industry has seen its fair share of The Legend of Zelda clones or Zelda-likes throughout history. This week, moderator Mento scored the most notable classic and modern games for Zelda inspiration and summed them up in one sentence!

Top 10 TFP Games of 2022 (By: @thefakepsychic)

It took some time, but TheFakePsychic finally managed to make a GOTY 2022 list on Giant Bomb! Give it a read and see which games made their last year in terms of gameplay and always feel free to make your own list if you haven’t already.

Every season is GOTY season, if you ask me.
Every season is GOTY season, if you ask me.

Games in which you escape from prison/jail (By: @boosturook)

BoosTurook is working on a fun Giant Bomb list that needs YOUR HELP! They want to make the most definitive list of “Prison/Jail Escape Games!” Here is your first draft, and if you have suggestions, please click the link.

Customer Reviews

I guess it doesn't surprise me at all that everyone is still talking about this game.
I guess it doesn’t surprise me at all that everyone is still talking about this game.

@blakers87 cyberpunk 2077 review talks about the current state of the game, what they think is their way forward, and why they ended up loving its quieter moments more than anything else.

wiki of the week

street fighters duel

No subtitle provided

Thanks to AMAZING editing work by @daavpuke, the Street Fighter Duel wiki page is the wiki page of the week! Learn everything there is to know about the Street Fighter gacha game and how it works!


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