ChatGPT lands on smartwatches, and it looks like a sci-fi dream News-thread


ChatGPT continues its march in the tech industry as it reaches a new frontier: smartwatches. Fitness brand Amazfit has revealed that it will add generative AI as a feature on its GTR4 device.

looking at a recently posted demo on LinkedIn (opens in a new tab), ChatGPT will appear as ChatGenius in the GTR4 menu, and from there, you can ask him anything you want. The video shows someone asking how they can improve their running performance. Then, in just a few seconds, ChatGenius responds with a multi-paragraph response that you can read in its entirety by turning the crown on your watch face. Touch the screen to clear the old answer and you can ask a new question. You can even ask ChatGenius how your day was and it will tell you how many steps you took plus your current heart rate.


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