California State Rep shows what the often drought-plagued state is doing with storm water – News-thread


Recent severe storms in California have led to a catastrophic flooding problem in parts of the state:

Days after the last major storm passed, rising waters continue to prompt evacuation orders and flood warnings across central California, with even more rain in the forecast for early next week.

In Porterville, residents in two areas along the swollen Tule River have been ordered to evacuate, and the stretch of the river between them that stretches about 5 miles is under an evacuation warning.

The overflow from nearby Success Lake upstream has already inundated dozens of homes in the area. Melting snow from the mountains is fueling frigid flooding, which on Wednesday was waist-deep in some homes near a breach in the Tule River.

Naturally, the state that often has a big problem with drafts has a way to store fresh overflow water for future use, right? Well, apparently not.

Instead, it appears that some state officials are simply dumping a large amount of overflowing fresh water into the ocean. Republican State Rep. Kevin Kiley shared this video:

It looks like they might want that back later this year.

But Gavin Newsom certainly is laser-focused on what’s happening in Florida!

Newsom and left-wing progressives in California have some pretty messed up “priorities.” But floods or droughts, both will blame “climate change” and stay on that wrong course.

The only “plan” California liberals have is to blame climate change and use that as an excuse to bleed the taxpayers dry into spending more on their charades to solve another non-existent problem.


What are the chances that during the summer or sometime later this year they really want to get all that fresh water back? It will be too late.




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