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apple arcade — to CNET’s Editors’ Choice Award Pick — offers hundreds of games you can play for just $5 (£5, AU$8) a month. The service offers family and classic games, as well as exclusive titles. You can find many of these games on the regular App Store, but there they have paywalls and ads that can hinder your gaming experience. With an Apple Arcade subscription, you can play every game without paywalls or ads at no extra charge.

These are the new games you can play in March.


developers: Hemispheric Games
Release date: March 17


Osmos was launched in 2009 and was named Apple iPad Game of the Year 2010. This remake is an ambient cosmic survival game where you play as a particle, propelling yourself across the screen and absorbing other particles. You lose matter as you propel yourself across the screen, and you grow larger as you collide with and consume other particles. The game is easy to grasp and understand and makes for a good game to relax.

Clue: Hasbro’s Mystery Game Plus

developers: Jam Games Studios
Release date: March 24th


Clue, the classic murder mystery board game, comes to Apple Arcade. Put your detective skills to the test to find out who killed the victim and with what weapon. You can play against AI suspects in single player mode or with friends and family in online and local multiplayer. Soon you’ll be saying, “It was Professor Plum in the study with the chandelier!”

Human: Fall Flat Plus

developers: 505 Games
Release date: March 31st

Title card Human: Fall Flat Plus showing a character holding a lantern with one arm and holding another character with the other arm


The physics platformer Human: Fall Flat was released in 2016 and won the award for best casual game at the Independent Game Developers Association Awards 2018. You’ll find the same light-hearted fun in the new version of Apple Arcade that you found in the original. Your character can explore mansions and castles, solve wacky puzzles, or just mess around with distractions in each level.

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